Dada inspired Poetry…

Example 1

to cat been doing
moment report them events do current
the one possibly news from
with and march be the down
perspective yet and interview at affairs
dont so marches focus experiences want
the a I dont to a
one going of women’s lot
i that my the i
march focus which protest thinking will
to demo all who at
to one narrow one and essay
beginning aint my in emergency
will visit trump to state you
over march london i’m
on an on the peckham once attend
the march pride happening nhs the
piece but to the a of
on know my him an
protests account then i from women
area reflective the came conversation

For this Poem I used an online generator. I entered my essay proposal ideas and the website rearranged the words. I can’t really find any meaning in this but there are certain lines that worked well, for example, ‘perspective yet and interview at affairs’. I think this is a useful tool for showing you new ways of rearranging the words even if it’s just for smaller phrases rather than the whole poem.

Example 2

Placing petals on serious note.

                                     Herself on stage.


Perspective of phenomena

who values different.

                                     Supposed to write here…


These voices protest

to pride and focus.

The cat who came 

                                     The moment I’m thinking.



                    I acknowledge. 


For this poem I used the combined google doc and picked out words and phrases manually. I feel there’s more of a narrative/order with this piece, even if there’s not an obvious meaning. The way I set out the poem mattered a lot to me as I think poetry, especially in this form can be a visual piece as much as a written one.

Example 3


‘Moonlight thought forgetting. Unable to be touched. Victims. Poisonous system. Radical Behaviour. Existing already injured.’


For this piece I used a copy of the Evening Standard. I tried to focus on having a meaning that made sense whilst using random words and phrases I came across. I tried to link it to our current political state and the protests/demos that have been a result of it. This is the piece I am most pleased with. I want to experiment with this technique more but maybe by refining it to articles about my topic. I would also like to introduce imagery but I don’t want to distract from the words too much.


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