Time shifts uncomfortably. Future glares. Past looks smug.

F: You had one job, one simple job. How on earth have you managed  to fuck up this badly?

T: Well.. er.. you see.. it’s just..

F: All you’ve ever had to do is keep moving forward. Keep ticking along towards me. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?

T: Er… about… I’m not sure

F: Forever. I have been waiting forever. That was ok when I could see you heading in the right direction. But then you started this bullshit…

P: Hey! Give Time a break, no one cares if they’ve messed up a little.

F: That’s easy for you to say when it’s heading back towards you. You’ve had your turn, I thought we’d all moved on, it should be my go, this isn’t fair.

P: Life’s not fair.

F: Don’t you dare bring Life into this, they’ve got nothing to do with it, it’s Time’s fault completely.

T: Sorry but…

F: Honestly I don’t know how you got so far if this is the sort of stunt you can pull.

T: Sorry… but I don’t think you’re being very nice.

F: What has being nice got to do with anything?

P: Well you see if the Future is scary then why would you aim for it. I’m comfortable, I’m not the unknown, people feel safe in their decisions because they’ve been made before. If you’d stop being so scary maybe you wouldn’t put Time off so much.

F: This is ridiculous. You both need to grow up. Time, I swear if you don’t start doing your job properly, someone’s going to start resisting again. We all know how messy it can get when you refuse to aim towards me.

T: It doesn’t really sound like I have much choice in the matter?

P: You’ve always got a choice Time. You can head in whatever direction pleases you, whatever makes you happy, I’m here for you.

F: Past will you give it a freaking rest. Stop trying to suck up to get your way. Time has a job to do and it needs to be done. Stop pretending everything will be fine if you can convince them otherwise. This will not end well.

Time is still shifting uncomfortably. Future is still glaring. Past is still looking smug. 



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