Reflective writing – Studio Practice

I’ve never felt like an artist but I know I have always been one. Not from the first finger painting, hung on my parent’s wall for far too long, but from the first time I questioned something. The first time I was curious. The first time I discovered something new.

I struggle with defining my practice; until now I have worked in many mediums in many different ways, not knowing how to narrow my ‘individual style’ down. I have discovered over the last year that my individual style is not related to my aesthetic, but instead my process. My interest in discovering the old and the new, uncovering lost stories and exploring forgotten or unknown terrains, is what fuels my work, however I then choose to present this.

I guess it stems from a childhood growing up in Devon’s countryside. Weekends spent exploring local forests, discovering new locations for dens and inventing games. I’ve always been fascinated with trying new things. This has grown into a interest in visiting new places and hearing the stories that live there, that grow there. London particularly is full of so many individuals with their own journeys, unfolding in front of thousands of eyes, never really being told.

Our discussion about Ethnography and reading Sarah Pink’s words on the subject, I found myself relating to her interest in documentation. It’s the discovery that I am passionate about and how I then tell these stories relates to what is appropriate at the time. I do not want to limit myself to a particular style of practice, just as I don’t want to limit myself to certain information. Whether I exhibit photography, drawing, words or sound, the art came from the story and the story came from my desire to explore.

I thought illustration was about creating new worlds, but there are worlds within this city that are waiting to be discovered and these are the ones I want to explore.


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